You need to make an important business decision. The boss is waiting. The phone is ringing. You are late for an appointment.

What will you do?

If you are smart, you will put your Perceptive Awareness Training to work. You will be able to focus on the problem at hand without getting rattled. You will use PAT techniques to tap into inner observations. You will make good decisions--in the right order. Even in front of an audience. Effortlessly. Calmly. Confidently.

Now --isn’t that better?



  • PAT teaches making decisions from foresight which gives you an inner feeling that your decisions will be correct. If the TV personalities Joe Millionaire, the Bachelor and the Bachelorette had taken PAT, they would not have had so much angst all the time.
  • PAT tunes out negative mental recordings that typically hold people back from maximizing their inter-personal relationships.
  • PAT exercises teach you to quickly tap into your inner intuition to make decisions on your feet.
  • PAT generates decisions that are positive rather than negative.
  • Through successful decision making, your confidence will grow--breeding even more success.
  • PAT teaches you how to handle ‘Dream Stoppers’ who will try to invalidate your growth.
  • PAT shows you how to identify and gently handle those people and situations.


No two people are alike. While one person may thrive as a vegetarian, another may find it leaves them emaciated.

Perceptive Awareness Training teaches you to tap into your intuitive awareness to make decisions on your health that are right for you.

At the same time, because you will have more insight on the rest of your life, you will face life more calmly. By lowering stress levels, you can lower your blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, and other stress indicators.