Are you ready to realize your dreams?
You do have the power to make them a reality!

The answers are within you. Perceptive Awareness Training is the key that unlocks the door, lifts the veil, the roadblocks, the insecurities that keep us from realizing our dreams.

No one knows you like you. We help you realize your full potential by teaching you to:

Tap into your intuitive knowledge.
Opening closed doors in your thinking.
Harnessing the power of your intuitive awareness to provide answers.
Trusting your intuitive awareness.
What is P.A.T.?
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to find out from P.A.T. President
Consuella Newton.

Perceptive Awareness Training is not pie-in-the-sky, touchy-feely philosophical mish-mash. Our techniques are proven. They are not difficult. And we quantify results.

PAT Founder Connie Newton has 25 years of success stories, including hundreds of doctors, lawyers, artists, etc from around the world, who have seen ‘miracles’ occur in their own lives.

Take a look at their testimonials provided on this web site.
You are no different. No less. No more. The only difference is that they said YES! to making their dreams come true.

As you will see on this web site, there are P.A.T. teachers around the country ready to make your dreams become realities. Contact us today if you are ready to experience a better life NOW, not some far off tomorrow. Just click on the P.A.T.  U.S.A. button for class information.