Teachers of Perceptive Awareness Technique are called PAT Facilitators.

All Perceptive Awareness Technique Facilitators must meet high qualifications and have undergone a strenuous training regime supervised by PAT founder, Connie Newton.

The Facilitators are successful professionals in their own fields of endeavor, highly intuitive, and well-traveled. They have a broad background of experience.

PAT Facilitators can be contacted for class dates or for personal instruction. This web site provides contact and geographic information for the Facilitator nearest you. Enrollment is limited to ensure each student is given careful attention. Through special arrangement, Facilitators can travel in the U.S., Canada, and overseas to provide Perceptive Awareness Technique training.

PAT Facilitators are motivated by helping others actualize their dreams while also raising spiritual consciousness.

Before being accepted into the PAT Facilitators Program, facilitator’s intuitive awareness is tested, along with how well they have applied the PAT principals to their own lives. Facilitators must also pass a psychological test, as well as personal interviews before acceptance into the program.

They also are given written tests, as well as oral exams in front of a board of 3 PAT Facilitators before acceptance into the program. After successfully completing 25 hours of class work, the facilitators are tested in classroom techniques and communication skills before Connie Newton awards PAT Facilitator certification.

Training does not stop there. Facilitators add to their experience through further PAT Facilitator instruction, which is mandatory each year. You, the student, rate your own teacher. The survey is mailed to Connie Newton at PAT headquarters. This evaluation also adds to your facilitator’s growth.

Of course Connie is always available to PAT Facilitators if a particular question or problem arises that demands her attention.