Consuella C. Newton is a former Maryland secondary school teacher who has been lecturing and teaching in the field of self awareness for the past 27 years. Her acclaim and success as a teacher of higher sense perception has brought her students from Europe, Canada, South America and Middle East.

Her lectures and overflowing workshops present vital learning experiences. She has appeared on TV and radio nationally and is the author of the ABC's of Higher Consciousness. She had been a regularly featured columnist for the International World Times newspaper under the byline, Thoughtful Insights.

She is the originator of the Integrated Awareness Technique which began in 1976 and is a unique process to link intuition and the conceptual mind for rapid control of awareness in only five days.

"Connie" as she is known, is a graduate of Morgan State University with post graduate work done at Loyola College in Maryland.

Her purpose in presenting Perceptive Awareness Technique Inc. is to provide teaching guides which will guide students to become more productive and positive by using intuitive skills.

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