When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Congratulations! You are on the road to experiencing a quantum leap forward in alternative health care. With the coming of the new millennium comes the most outstanding procedure to heal physical, emotional, and psychic wounds. You can use the techniques on yourself, loved ones, even pets and animals.

As you will see, testimonial after testimonial proves the techniques you learn do get results. You would not expect less from your teacher, Connie Newton, whose popularity throughout the world brings crowds to her classes.

What is Soma Pi?

Soma Pi is an amazing process for living in better health. It is both, a preventative force and a healing force. Do not try to mentally fit this procedure into a puzzle. It is distinctly new. And is not related to any healing technique available to the public.

Who is Soma Pi for?

Soma Pi is a break through experience for those who feel it is prudent to participate in the process of keeping loved ones in good health. For those dedicated to the practice of medicine and other healing modalities, Soma Pi is a must for their updated training. It will more than benefit their clients and patients.

For such a powerful force that produces quick results, the techniques are easy to learn. Thanks to your teacher and guide, Connie Newton. Apparently you are ready for this life affirming gift. This teacher is here. You are here. Let’s get started.

How Can I Learn Soma Pi?

Training is provided on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) to accommodate the work schedule of the many who are filling the classes. Class registration is always limited in order to insure active personal instruction for each participant. Classes are filled many months in advance from persons all over the world.

How Do I Use What I Learn?
For such a powerful force, Soma Pi is amazingly easy to understand and to put to practical use. That means it is also easy for you to administer. Upon completion of the Soma Pi Technique classes, you will become a certified Soma Pi practitioner and realize the satisfaction that comes with bringing peace and joy to others.

Founder of Soma Pi

Connie Newton has appeared on national TV and Radio as an expert on spiritual insights and higher sense perception. Her acclaim and success as a teacher of higher consciousness brings students to her Powder Springs, Georgia home from Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

A former secondary school teacher, she has devoted the past 25 years to teaching and lecturing how higher conscious living enhances day-to-day life. Along that same line, Connie has been affiliated with a psychologist in the work of prayer therapy for many years.

Connie’s popularity as a guest lecturer and workshop leader for colleges and universities is evident in her overflowing classes and the repeat demand for her appearances across the country.

She is also the originator of the Integrated Awareness Technique—a unique process that links intuition and the conceptual mind for rapid control of awareness in five days. In conjunction, she developed the Integrated Awareness Self Healing Technique.

A graduate of Morgan State University, Connie has done post graduate work in speech pathology at Loyola College in Baltimore. She also sponsored world wide tours and was a regular featured columnist for the “World Times Newspaper”, an internationally distributed periodical.

The teacher is here.  Are you ready for a quantum leap forward?