Results from Practitioners

  • “In using the Soma Pi on a cut index finger, the heavy bleeding stopped and the cut appeared to close immediately. All traces of the cut were gone in 5 days.”
                                                                            R.H. Boulder, CO
  • “I was having difficulty reading and seeing clearly. The doctors said I could not get eyeglasses due to the deteriorated condition of the eyes due to a diabetic situation which prevented me from seeing properly. After using Soma pi for a month and returning to the hospital, the doctors were amazed that both my eyes had improved 81% and I was given a prescription for eyeglasses for the first time.”
                                                                             J.M. Baltimore, MD

  • My husband has a chronic condition of bladder cancer for which he has been treated for two years on and off. When he goes for his periodic cystoscopy there is always bleeding afterwards. I have been using Soma Pi on him and he had no bleeding after his cystoscopy in August.”
                                                                             B.G. Mt. Prospect, IL

  • “I have used Some Pi on many of my clients during the last few months that have full blown migraine headaches. After using Soma Pi on them the pain decreased rapidly in 1-5 minutes and all migraine symptoms appear to be gone in 1-3 hours. On myself I have used Soma Pi on cuts, sore muscles, TMJ, sinus and allergies with rapid healing.”
                                                                            S.S. Willowbrook, IL

  • “I have sent the Soma Pi healing to others for healing severe ear aches and flu symptoms with success in reduced pain and all symptoms.”
                                                                            G.S. Harrisburg, PA

  • “I’ve been working with a male who has chronic prostate problems. The prostate problem has stabilized to the point where there is no more pain or discomfort. It has been very rewarding to work with the Soma Pi and hear these reports which attest to the efficacy and power of this technique. Thank you so much for bringing it forth.”
                                                                            B.C. Fairfield, Iowa


Healing Animals

  • “My horse had a large deep wound of the lower leg which occurred 3 months ago and wouldn’t close or heal. After the Soma Pi practitioner came and administered hands on healing once and absent healing thereafter, the horse’s wound shrunk 3” in one day and by one week it was down to 1/8” wide. It healed this rapidly without infection.”
                                                                             L.&L. G Harrisburg, PA

  • “My 15 yr. Old cat has arthritis in his back leg and can’t move quickly. After doing the Soma Pi on him he is going up and down the stairs, to the basement, sitting outside on the porch, and jumping better then he has before. I thank you very much for helping me with this technique.”
                                                                            B.G. Mount Prospect, IL