The Perceptive Awareness Technique has provided me the calmness and serenity needed to cope with the demands of my stressful position in employment, and at a personal level - a tranquil, enlightened personality. I have been able to tune-in and ask for guidance in difficult work related situations. I have been able to focus on the inner voice and do exactly what it tells me to do when I may be in doubt as to what I should do. Additionally, I have been able to provide healing to family members and friends. I am always available to provide assistance to mankind. I feel blessed to be a part of the PAT family.

Lillian Maldonado, B.A., MA., P.D., M.ed.
Administrator for Special Education
Ossining, New York


Perceptive Awareness Techniques has positively has positively changed my life dramatically. Since my October 2000 PAT Workshop, I have become so much closer to my Higher Power. I am able to quiet myself long enough so that I can hear my Higher Power speak to me through me. I now experience inner peace that I did not know existed.

Dr. Rachel Tabone, who was my PAT facilitator, is a God send in my life on so many levels. I thank my Higher Power - GOD, for allowing our paths to cross.

Vondina M. Sterling
Bronx, New York


In March 2002, I took the three-day Perceptive Awareness Training with Pamela Thomas a certified instructor of PAT.

My reasons for taking the training were threefold. They were to gain greater self-knowledge, to improve flexibility and to gain greater skills which I could use to more effectively help others. My desires have all been realized.

Pamela Thomas was an excellent instructor. She seemed to live the disciplines and techniques which she taught. She had a thorough knowledge and understanding of the materials and information. She gave numerous vivid and practical examples as she guided us through the process of becoming more aware of and comfortable with using our hidden intuitive abilities.

The Perceptive Awareness Technique originally founded and taught by Consuella Newton has rapidly awakened my intuitive mind and abilities. To me this teaching is scientifically, psychologically, and spiritually sound.

I highly recommend this form of Perceptive Awareness training to any individual who is on the unending quest of self-discovery.

Rev. George E. Thomas M.D.