I realized after taking the Perceptive Awareness Technique course that I am very intuitive, but had not paid much attention to it. Now that I can access my intuition at will, I am very disciplined in taking time to do it daily. I think I am a natural caregiver, but since the PAT, I have learned to be a caregiver to myself. It is very important for me to sit down every morning before I start my day to get centered and listen to my intuition.

I learned a quieting technique twenty-five years ago, and had become quite negligent about it. Since learning this Perceptive Awareness Technique, I have gotten back to my meditating along with the PAT and I don't leave home without doing it. If I have an early appointment, I just get out of bed an hour earlier to do my routine, especially after someone hit a golf ball and knocked my golf ball out of my hand without injuring me.

I felt so blessed that I was protected. I feel so peaceful and secure knowing that I can always make the right decisions about everything when I take time to listen to my intuition. Thank you Connie and Pamela - and thank you GOD!

Pearl Thomas
Richmond, Virginia


I am a Reiki Master who consistently practices using this hands-on healing process. While using Reiki, I continually receive messages through symbols that help me give clients pertinent information. I took the Perceptive Awareness Technique process over one year ago and it helped me immediately in understanding symbology in my Reiki healing. My peer group and my clients have noticed a remarkable increase in the clarity of healing information I have been able to impart to them. I am also a financial and managerial consultant to businesses and organizations. PAT has also helped me in business decision-making in my consulting practice. I recommend the PAT class to healers and business professionals to provide clarity and confidence to the day-to-day professional and personal decisions that are pertinent and crucial to their professional and person success.

Edgar N. Tipton, Jr.
Indianapolis, Indiana


Perceptive Awareness Technique has led me on a spiritual journey - the likes of which I never could have imagined. the most important lesson I have learned is to have TRUST in the HIGHER SOURCE within me. Through PAT, I have gained the knowledge and spiritual confidence to tackle any challenge or opportunity give me knowing "this too shall pass."

I have achieved and maintained spiritual confidence and physical health and mental alertness through the practices I have learned through PAT.

Kevin Velez - Program Assistant
Office of Justice Education
United Methodist Office for the U.N.
Union City, NJ